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TechNGL (Technologies for Next Generation Life) was incepted to provide best-in-class software solutions for startups, SMEs, healthcare, pharma, and biotech sectors. We are proud to have an energetic interdisciplinary leadership team at TechNGL that is thoroughly experienced in information technology as well as healthcare, pharma, biotech, and entrepreneurship area. Our passion for bringing technology solutions for today & better tomorrow drives us every day.

Another key proposition of TechNGL is our flexibility to change and customised solutions. Our team follows the agile principle, therefore clients can be involved at all stages and the product can be improved swiftly with continuous feedback.

We specialise in supporting startups with a team of experts who have several years of experience in a diverse range of domains. Along with software development services, we help with idea maturation, strategy, partnership, logistic support, product design, MVP, data collection, validation, and development of a refined & successful product.

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Priyesh Pandya

CEO & Founder
Priyesh Pandya has a Master's in Information Technology & more than 11 years of experience in software product development and management.
He has managed the development of several large-scale enterprise software products including CRM, POS, inventory management, marketplace business model, SaaS, etc. for US-based clients.
He is passionate about building high-quality software products, changing the healthcare landscape with his IT skills, connecting visions and requirements of different stakeholders, and making sure that the project goals are achieved. 

Harshad Parmar

Senior Software Developer
Harshad Parmar is an Open Source Software Developer and has 8 years of experience, he has a deep understanding of many technical subjects. He loves creating engaging and interactive websites including design, plug-ins, and implementation.

He currently works as a Senior Full-Stack Developer at TechNGL, he has In-depth knowledge of web technologies like PHP, Laravel, Vue.js, WordPress, Front end frameworks (Angular, React, Vue), JSON, Laravel, GIT, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Nodejs, AWS and MySQL database with the passion to learn and grow.
Kunal Patel TechNGL

Kunal Patel

Technical Advisor (Healthcare IT)
Kunal Patel is CEO of Virtual Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. and has more than 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship and software industry. Virtual Healthcare provides “TeleICUCare” to patients in rural and urban India. Kunal started his career as a software developer and has good experience in leading teams and managing products. Previously he worked as a CTO at a multinational company and was involved in the iBeacon Technology development in Dubai. His expertise includes hands-on experience with digital healthcare, software, and business development.


Co-Founder & Head of HR
Richa has an MBA with a specialisation in Human Resource Management. Her expertise includes talent management, recruitment, employee relations, and payroll. She is passionate about creating and maintaining a healthy & motivational work culture and is involved in HR activity plans, direction, and coordination of the administrative functions. In addition, Richa brings digital marketing experience with an understanding of social media channels and how to optimize content that is engaging on those channels. 

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