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Custom Software Solutions

TechNGL Healthcare

Life Science & Healthcare IT Solutions

Our highly-skilled interdisciplinary team with expertise in information technologies as well as healthcare, pharma & biotech sectors is ready to deal with your challenges in the healthcare IT domain

TechNGL - Web & Mobile App

Web & Mobile Applications

Our expertise in web and mobile applications can help you build robust and user-friendly software products with seamless performance and interoperability on multiple devices
TechNGL Cloud

Cloud Applications

Cloud-based software allows you to securely access data & run your business anywhere across the globe. We offer customised cloud-based solutions (e.g. CRM, POS) on popular cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure & Google Cloud

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Our Strengths

Life Science Expertise

Our team includes professionals who have several years of experience in IT, healthcare, pharma & biotech industries

Support for Startups

For Startups, we can provide support with strategy, dedicated team & logistics, and can be your partner in your journey from idea to a refined & successful product

Secure & Robust Solutions

By applying rigorous engineering processes, we build secure, reliable and robust applications in compliance with data safety standards

Cost-Effective Service

We not only build quality software products but also provide long-term cost-effective service and up-gradations

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