Projects & Collaborations

Remote Healthcare Solutions

Virtual Health Care

Virtual Health Care™ has designed a critical care remote monitoring system called TeleICUCare, which has the potential to revolutionize the Indian Healthcare System. TeleICUCare is a breakthrough that enables the treatment of patients by providing 24*7 critical care support by Intensivist residing many miles away. It is designed to solve one of the greatest healthcare challenges that India is currently facing – of poor ICU and lack of Intensivists and support staff in far-flung areas.

Tele-ICU for Rural India

There are is a major scarcity of critical care specialists in rural India. Many lives are lost during ambulance transport from rural to an urban specialist center. TeleICUCare can assist them in INITIAL LIFE-SAVING HOURS. There is substantial data available now that proves that Tele-ICU approach reduces the overall mortality rate in critical care cases.

Remote Medical Training Solutions

Critical care units require round the clock monitoring by trained staff. With Tele-ICU, you can easily do case-specific as well as mass training of medical and paramedical staff. This can help to improve the overall quality of care in a very cost-effective manner.